Esports league for everyone

Fragleague is an open esports league, focusing on the Swedish and Nordic scene, with divisions for everyone regardless of skill level. The second season will feature CS:GO, PUB and Rocket League, with more titles potentially coming for upcoming seasons.


450 000 SEK
prize pool

Division and format

There is no limit to how many teams there will be in Fragleague, the divisions will grow with the player base. Each team plays at least one match per week for a 9 week period, ending with a relegation phase to climb up and down through the system.


Division system

Fragleague studio

Every Sunday, there will be a Fragleague studio show, featuring highlighted matches from the top divisions of both CS:GO and PUBG. Content around Fragleague and the esports scene as a whole will also fill the Sunday broadcast, together with new and exciting guests every week.

Fragleague moving forward

Fragleague aims to build a great platform for grass root level competitions in esports. To create a competitive environment in games that are contemporary and relevant, enabling everyone to engage in more structured esports.


Throughout the years, Fragbite has held numerous independent tournaments in collaboration with different brands and companies, with several of them being awarded national awards in Swedish media. With Fragleague, Fragbite takes the next step in making a complete league structure, running continuously, and long-term.