Esports league for everyone

Fragleague is an open esports league, focusing on the Swedish and Nordic scene, with divisions for everyone regardless of skill level. The first season will feature CS:GO and PUBG, with more titles potentially coming for upcoming seasons.


150 000 SEK
prize pool


100 000 SEK
prize pool

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Division and format

There is no limit to how many teams there will be in Fragleague, the divisions will grow with the player base. Each team plays one match per week for a 9 week period, ending with a relegation phase to climb up and down through the system.


Division system


Before the first season of Fragleague, teams will have the chance to claim a spot in the top division of CS:GO. Starting July 20 and spanning to the August 25, Fragleague hosts six independent Qualifier Cups where the winner earns a spot in the top division. More info and registration for the qualifiers can be found here.



Registration for the first seeding cup opens.

Six separate seeding cups. One every Friday-Saturday.

Registration to Fragleague PUBG opens.

Registration to Fragleague CS:GO opens.

Season 1 of Fragleague PUBG starts.

Season 1 of Fragleague CS:GO starts.

Fragleague studio

Every Sunday, there will be a Fragleague studio show, featuring highlighted matches from the top divisions of both CS:GO and PUBG. Content around Fragleague and the esports scene as a whole will also fill the Sunday broadcast, together with new and exciting guests every week.


Have some questions? Look below for answers.

What is Fragleague?

Fragleague is an open esports league, focusing on the Swedish and Nordic scenes, featuring divisions for everyone, regardless of skill level. The inaugural season is held in the game titles Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). More titles will potentially be added for upcoming seasons.

Will more games be featured in the future?

We have the intention to add more titles to Fragleague and to have the most popular game titles represented. We do not close doors on any title and do not intend to limit the number of game titles featured in Fragleague.

How does the league work?

Each team will be appointed to a division and group within that division. Within your group, your team will play nine (9) matches over the course of nine (9) weeks, and that will determine your finishing position of the season. If you place either within the top three (3) or bottom two (2), you will take part in a relegation phase, where you have the chance to either advance to a higher division, or to defend your spot in your current division.

Will I get a chance to play Fragleague even if i miss out on Season 1?

Yes. There will be two seasons each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Between seasons there will be independent cups. Everyone that wants to play in the upcoming season may enter these cups. You are able to participate in as many parts of Fragleague as you like, whether that is the regular seasons, only the cups, or both.

Do I have to be a pro to play Fragleague?

No! Fragleague values all teams and players equally. It has been created for everyone to play esports competitively. You and your team will be appointed a division suited for your ambition and skill level and play against like-minded and equally skilled players.

How many divisions is there in Fragleague?

As many as we need to cover all interested teams. There will be one top division for each game title, two secondary divisions per title, four third divisions, and so on. We will create enough divisions to see to that ALL of the registered teams will be able to play.

How do I register?

Registration is now open for both games. You can sign up here for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds or here for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

How many players can a team have?

We understand that for everyone to be able to compete, we need to be flexible on how solid your team lineup is. The higher division you play, the stricter we are. For the top divisions, you will be able to have two (2) stand-ins, teams in the second division may have three (3) stand-ins and so on.

What can I win?

All divisions will feature prizes of some sort. The top divisions, as well as second divisions of both game titles, will feature a cash prize, while product prizes will be awarded in the lower divisions.

Will Fragleague be broadcasted live?

All matches from the top divisions will be broadcasted on with well-known casters and guests. Anyone who wants to stream their matches in lower divisions is welcome to do so, and we will gladly help to promote your cast.

What maps are to be played?

For CS:GO, a simple map veto ahead of each match will be made for the two teams, until there are two remaining maps. In PUBG, both Erangel and Miramar will be played.

What days do I play Fragleague?

In CS:GO, game days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and you will be able to choose what days you prefer. For PUBG, all matches will be played on Sundays.

Fragleague moving forward

Fragleague aims to build a great platform for grass root level competitions in esports. To create a competitive environment in games that are contemporary and relevant, enabling everyone to engage in more structured esports.


Throughout the years, Fragbite has held numerous independent tournaments in collaboration with different brands and companies, with several of them being awarded national awards in Swedish media. With Fragleague, Fragbite takes the next step in making a complete league structure, running continuously, and long-term.

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